Spiritual Quest in Verse


Neguri, Spain: My latest book, Spiritual Quest in Verse, is intended to analyze the poetic works of Ricaredo Demetillo, undoubtedly one of the most gifted poets of the Philippines—and in my mind the best of his generation—and, from the standpoint of his Lazarus, Troubadour, to clarify the poet as a religious poet sui generis. “Religious” here is a generic term, and religion is taken in the Christian framework that entails the Christian morality and takes humanism into account.

My literary criticism of Demetillo’s poetry covers his poetic works from the time he published his first poetry collection in 1956 up to 1976. It was in 1976 when my initial admiration of him as a poet, which began in 1971 when I was still a theology student aspiring for Roman Catholic priesthood, culminated in my writing a thesis on his works as a religious poet. This book is based on that thesis, which I wrote for my Master’s degree in Comparative Literature at the University of the Philippines. <<READ MORE>>


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